Bankruptcy Data

According to the United States Courts, in the 12-Month period ending March 2013, there were 1.17 million bankruptcy cases filed.
Of those, over 1,159 million were Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.

Realize that You’re not Alone

You probably feel that you’re the only one going through this, but many people are.  You need to see that bankruptcy can be a great option for you as a fresh start.

For many years lenders have tried to get us to borrow and borrow and borrow.  Many times we find ourselves under interest, fees and debt.

When you’re ready to consider filing bankruptcy, you’re probably experiencing:

  • Fighting over money
  • Watching your money dwindle
  • Not sure how to pay “just the minimums” on your credit cards
  • Avoid medical and dental care because you can’t afford it
  • Taking advances from a credit card to pay another payment of some kind
  • Dreading the phone ringing because of creditors calls
  • Worrying over money in the middle of the night

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