Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu is a process which enables you to “hand over” the deed to your house to your mortgage lender and thus avoiding a foreclosure. This can benefit both you and the mortgage lender in these ways:

  • It enables the lender to take possession of a property without going through a costly and sometimes messy foreclosure process.
  • It can save you to avoid the embarassment from a public sale or foreclosure auction right on the front steps of your home.
  • Since it is a shorter process than a foreclosure, you start rebuilding your credit sooner.

A deed in lieu may be appropriate for you if:

  • You recently lost your job (or experienced reduced income), significant medical expenses or a costly divorce
  • You cannot afford to pay your current mortgage payment
  • You cannot get a loan modification for your current mortgage
  • You were unsuccessful in selling your property at fair market value within a 90 day period

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