The highest compliment one can receive is a referral or thank you note from a former client.


The Moak Law Firm handled all my concerns and needs and was always there to answer my questions. I was amazed at how they made an awful situation so much less painful and embarrassing.


It seemed like a lot of work, but turned out to be not so bad. I really appreciate Pete's knowledge with the law that really showed during our meeting. As busy as we are, it really helps having someone who knows what he is doing.


We were very pleased with the services of Walter. We felt he had a genuine interest in our well being.


I called late one evening and they answered! I was able to come in the next morning and get the help I so desperately needed.


This firm is so compassionate, I talked to other lawyers that were rude and acted like they didn’t have time to talk to me. From the moment I called I was put at ease and got all the information I needed. Thanks Moak Law Firm.


I am disabled and could not come into the office. They took the time to find out what I needed over the phone and then came to my house to get everything completed. I they everyone should use The Moak Law Firm.


Wow! What a great experience, I was so stressed out dealing with my creditors, but as soon as I came into the office everything was taken care of for me. The cost was so much cheaper than anyone else I spoke to - I am glad I found them.

Monica and Will

I first met with one of the attorneys you see advertising all over and they just seemed like they were interested in my money. The Moak Law Firm took the time to find out what I really needed and they didn’t pressure me at all. I am so thankful for Mr. Moak and his staff.


They took over an hour to find out what was going on with my finances. Once I told them everything they explained how I could take care of my issues without filing for bankruptcy and I could actually handle it myself. Thanks and I will be referring my friends and family.


Everyone else I spoke to kept trying to get me to do a chapter 13, but The Moak Law Firm came up with a plan to settle my debts. I avoided bankruptcy and saved a ton of money. If I ever need help again I am calling this firm!


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