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The vast majority of American families are hard working and pay their bills. However, a larger than usual number of households are drastically over extended and are buried in debt. For many of us the debt was a consequence of circumstances beyond our control. Despite our best efforts, life can throw us a curve ball…job loss, unexpected medical bills or even soaring tax obligations which we simply are unable to pay.

Whatever the circumstances, at The Moak Law Firm, we understand such circumstances and are committed to providing real solutions. It is for this reason, our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys vigorously work with families to provide them with effective legal counsel in resolving their debt issues.


While bankruptcy may be appropriate for some, others may want to learn more about other approaches to debt resolution that do not involve bankruptcy. These include debt settlement, debt negotiation, debt relief, debt consolidation and debt counseling. Our bankruptcy lawyers can help put an end to creditor harassment, repossessions and wage garnishment when you retain us to represent you. We also assist families or individuals who are facing foreclosure with remedies that include loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Contact our Arizona bankruptcy attorney today for help getting a fresh financial start through the many legal options available to you. We offer a FREE initial consultation to confidentially discuss and evaluate your situation.


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